Just wanted to introduce myself to the Reefing community. My name is Steve Simon, and I have been a member of R2R for almost 2 years now, as well as actively posting on other reefing forums for 12 plus years. Some may know me; I have gone by the handle of DarthSimon.

To start, my professional background is in I.T Services. I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and have 35+ year’s experience working on computers, networks, programming, and much more. To this day, I own and manage my own IT business. I work on all platforms including Windows, Mac OS’s, Server’s Ect.

In the Last 12 years I have become an avid reefer. My first reef tank was a 24 Gallon AquaPod, then a 55 Gallon Reef, 125 Gallon Reef, then a 220. Around 2012 I purchased my first Apex System. Up until that point, I had stocked my tanks with mixed corals, mostly softies, and LPS. When I tried SPS, they would last a few weeks, and usually RTN or STN in due time. I ran dirty, lazy systems with little to no dosing, over fed my giant fish. Sadly, I had to move around 2015 and choose to sell of my tank, and not move it. A reset for the future hopefully.

Fast forward to the end of 2016 early 2017, after a 2 year break, my boss aka “Wife” was ok with a small tank, so I setup a little 14 Gallon BioCube about 15 minutes after the go ahead. After that it was all downhill. I quickly bought an Apex 2016 and setup shop. Within 2 months of small tank, we upgraded to a Red Sea Reefer 250. After 6 months of the setup, I decided to make a huge change with my setup. I ditched the small sump under cabinet and ran all my plumbing down to my basement. Setup in basement control room is a 100 Gallon Sump (Rubbermaid Tank). I have also installed and plumbed into the system a 90 Gallon FOWLR, a 20 Gallon Frag Tank, and 40 Gallon Grow Tank. Total water volume is 250 gallons all plumbed together into one system.

My system to this day is run much more efficiently, dosing is achieved through a Calcium Reactor, as well as an Apex DOS to achieve stable water parameters.

Almost everything in Control Room is Apex related. I am also currently a Beta Tester and NSI Member for Neptune Systems. The most 2 recent projects I worked on were Amazon Alexa integration, and now the Trident Reef monitor. Nutrient control is done by a massive Protein Skimmer, and Algae Turf Scrubber. Phosphates reading .03 to .10 and nitrates around 3-5ppm. SPS Corals typically thrive in my systems now. With the combination of superior Apex Control, better tank husbandry and gear, I am a much happier reefer.

Aquarium Control Center is an authorized dealer of Neptune Systems and its products. I provide support for these products as part of my business. That said, I am not an employee for Neptune Systems nor represent them in any way except as an authorized dealer.